Our Extended Musical Family

Some proximal threads of our far-flung network:

We play with a host of other musicians throughout the state—they keep us vital and build confidence, and playing with these people is, frankly, the most fun you can have standing up. It is a loose confederation of kindred spirits that occurs in a variety of permutations. Sometimes we do gigs or record together, with them onstage with us, or vice versa, but often we just play for the love of making music in living rooms, in campsites at festivals, or on the street busking. This kind of musical collaboration and celebration we consider to be the soul of America.

We would like to pay homage to:

The Previously Lost Dogs (Santa Cruz Mountains) - Folk Fusion: Mostly acoustic originals, modern Americana and improvisational jamming.    
Jeff Hunter -  The resident wordsmith and founder of the group, great songwriter and guitarist
Jack Grossi - Bass player extraordinaire – on guitarron, electric and stand-up bass
Mike Brown - Vocals, keyboards and guitars
Randy Hudson - Mandolin
Lynn Douglass (Deceased) - Our own “Violynn”—she continues to inspire us (obituary)
Woody Moise - Songwriting, guitar, vocals
Jim BobisuthiHarmonica
Mike Clausen - Bass, humor (Mike also plays with The Excursions for some gigs)                 
Curt Albertson - Drums and percussion           
Lynn Douglass and Jeff Hunter
 Jack Grossi with guitarron

Blonde Faith  (Santa Clara area) - Americana, covers and original music


Cathy Mansperger -  Mandolin and vocals          

Mike Clausen - Bass
Ina Johnson - Vocals, acoustic guitar and songwriting
Candy Cunha - Fiddle

Miggie and the Morons (Greater Los Angeles) - A loose collaboration playing classic rock, rhythm and blues, blues

Kim Moise (Woody's brother) - Vocals, guitar, songwriting
Scott Mohney - Vocals and keyboards
Michael Rhine - Vocals, mandolin and harmonica
Woody Moise - Vocals, guitar and songwriting
Steve Loizos - Bass

Prune Rooney and Gwen Huff (Sacramento) - The hosts of an extended group of musicians who get together for great parties and play Americana and beyond

PruneVocals, bass, guitar and songwriting
GwenVocal and guitar

KatWood Willie (formerly The Kathleen Lane Band) (Fresno area) - Acoustic Americana-Kathleen's original showcase

Kathleen Lane - Vocals and percussion
Woody Moise - Vocals, guitar, bass and songwriting
Prune Rooney - Vocals, guitar, bass and songwriting

Willie Barrera- bass

Pete Favela - percussion

And former members of the Kathleen Lane band:
Dennis Wombacher - Violin/fiddle
Gordon Parrish - Drums
Sherron Brown and Pam Gamble - Superb backing vocals


Dennis Wombacher with The Excursions at Rogue 2013